November 6th, 2009

sword in stone

Red Gold Bridge by Patrice Sarath

Series: Gordath Wood
Publisher: Ace, 2009
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-genre: Contemporary, Swords and Sorcery
Rating: 3 pints of blood

I love the colours, the warm and natural feel to the cover. There's a nice juxtaposition of modern and fantasy-ish elements, with the girl in modern clothes with the ancient looking bridge behind her. Up close, though, the whole thing looks a bit like these elements were all slapped together (which, ok, they probably were). You could argue that the girl shouldn't necessarily look like she belongs in the old world scene, but the horse doesn't quite look like it belongs with her or the woods. I mean, the photoediting is much smoother than what I could do, and I've certainly seen worse (my eyes, they burn!), but my point remains.

Red Gold Bridge is the sequel to Gordath Wood and is not meant to stand on its own. I mean, hey, I can't prevent you from reading this book before its predecessor, but I'm gonna highly recommend you start with book 1 if you find yourself interested in this series. And by "highly recommend" I mean I'm gonna be checking your book purchases and coming to visit with a beatstick should you cheat and start with book 2.

Since this is book 2, here there be spoilers for book 1. You have been warned.

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