Anna (_ocelott_) wrote in genrereviews,

The Best of Bad Fiction

Some books are so amazing they blow your mind and stay with you forever. Others find a warm and comfy little spot in your heart to nestle, and hang out close to you on the shelf with all your comfort re-reads. Some you read and forget almost as soon as you move on to the next thing. And then there are those that stick in your memory for all the wrong reasons. They're either unintentionally hilarious, or so full of moments that make you go "wtf" that you just can't scrub it from your brain (and part of you doesn't want to, because telling people all about how unbelievable this book is is kind of fun). Let's face it, the very best of bad fiction is fun, even if that's not what the author wanted you to get out of it. My personal favourite, of course, was penned by Fabio (at least nominally). Pirate was unintentionally hilarious in the way of B movies, and I had so much fun with it I actually tried to read one or two of his other novels. Sadly, they didn't fare as well with the hilarity.

So... what's the best, most awful book you've read, and what particular part prompts you to tell other people about it to share the horror glory?
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