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21 February 2013 @ 04:21 pm
Thursday E-book Deals  
What's that? A shiny new bundle of e-book deals for you, just because it's Thursday? Why, yes!

A quick note: since I announced my impending retirement, there have been quite a few questions, the most common being if I'd be willing to reveal my super secret sources for the weekly e-book deals. And the answer is yes! My last post will be full of both recommendations and sources. Don't worry, guys, I won't be leaving you in the lurch.

The usual disclaimers apply: All links lead to Amazon. Some deals may be available at other e-book retailers, but no guarantees. Not all countries' currencies are created equal, apparently, and some deals may not apply to those of us outside the US. Yadda yadda, on with the deals.

-The Unseen by Alexandra Sokoloff, dark fantasy/occult mystery, 0$
-Sacred Bloodlines by Wendy Owens, YA paranormal, 0.98$
-The Scent of Shadows by Vicki Pettersson, 0.99$
-Eternity by Maggie Shayne, paranormal romance, 0.99$
-How Beauty Met the Beast by Jax Garren, paranormal steampunk, 1.98$
-The Importance of Being Wicked by Victoria Alexander, historical romance, 1.99$
-Journey of Awakening by Shawna Thomas, epic fantasy, 2.51$
-How to Lose a Demon in 10 Days by Saranna DeWylde, paranormal romance, 2.97$
-Vacant Graves by Christopher Beats, steampunk, 2.98$
-Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories, 3.96$
-The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E Pearson, YA dystopian, 4.65$
Shivshiv5468 on February 23rd, 2013 10:36 am (UTC)
I shall miss these - even if they aren't on offer in the UK, at least it makes me have a look at the books and see wehther I fancy a read