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One Last Thing

Well, my friends, it's time to say goodbye. As announced two weeks ago, we're shutting down shop. It's been five years of wonderful books, wonderful people, and plenty of randomness, but it's time to move along and discover shiny new things. All posts here will stay as they are; I won't be deleting or erasing anything. I wish you all a lifetime of excellent books.

As promised, I'm leaving you a few resources before I disappear.

Where can I get my book geekiness fix now? There's a plethora of wonderful book blogs or book-related blogs out there! But sometimes it's hard to figure out which are good to follow, so allow me to share a few of my favourites. The Book Smugglers are full of great reviews and giveaways (mostly sf/f and YA), and I think I might be lynched if I didn't mention the fabulosity of Smart Bitches (primarily romance novels, but there is a reviewer who focuses on romantic sf/f and the book discussions are just amazing). I'm pretty sure everyone in the world should be following jimhines (not a book blog per se, but he does occasionally review, and a big portion of his posts are very book-centric, especially including his ingenious cover art recreations), and I always enjoy both janicu and calico_reaction, although both have been cutting back on the posting lately.

What's a good way to keep up with e-book deals? There are quite a few places you can look to find what's current for e-book deals. A lot of authors get excited when their books are discounted and will do what they can to let people know, so if your favourite authors have newsletters or twitter accounts, it's not a bad idea to follow them so you can be notified when they have something that goes for cheap. There are other blogs that highlight books on sale (Dear Author has a post almost daily), and being what it is, Amazon has quite a few places you can check for books on sale, the prices of which are often matched at other e-book retailers. There's The Big Deal (sortable by genre), Monthly Deals, and Daily Deals. There's also their Limited Time Offers, but I'm honestly not sure how often that gets updated.

Where else can you find me? Well, you can always follow me as _ocelott_, where I ramble about life and other geeky things. Updates in the past have been pretty sporadic, but without a full-time blog to maintain, it seems likely I'll pop over there a little more frequently. I also have a twitter account, and if you're keen on seeing what I'm reading, I'm on Goodreads. There won't be many full reviews like there have been in the past, but if you see I've read something you can always poke and ask what I thought of it.

And with that, I leave you with a short list of the best or most popular of Genre Reviews:

-Pirate by Fabio
-Strong Female Characters
-But nowhere yet such horsemen have I seen
-How to trick a blogger into thinking you believe they're a person
-Men's Versus Women's Poses
-Gender and Book Covers: the romance novel edition
-Off With Her Head!
-The evils of libraries
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